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Originally published: 2008
Author: Jacqueline L Longe
Genres: Encyclopedia, Diet book

Food Security

A far greater threat comes from increasingly inse-
cure food sources (a lack of consistent and affordable food staples) arising from adverse weather (drought and floods) and war. During the late 1900s, famine became increasingly frequent in Africa.

In addition, a new threat to the food supply emerged due to the worsening HIV/AIDS epidemic. As adults fall ill and

die, agricultural production declines. Rural commun-
ities are the hardest hit, and women are particularly at

risk given their unique physiologic needs tied to their
roles as mothers, as well as their vulnerability due to
lower economic and social status.
With its immense population, resources, and

growing population, Africa is a continent that strug-
gles to keep its people and cultures healthy. African

history, the proliferation of foods and spices across the
land, and the preservation of land that can still be

farmed, will continue to be important. Weather, geog-
raphy, politics, culture, and religion are forces that

have caused strife within Africa for centuries, and
will continue to do so. A land that was once pure

and fertile can only be restored through land preser-vation and food availability.

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