He said She said “Murder” by Jeramy Gates

He said, She said, “Murder” By Jeramy Gates Published by Timber Hill Press. This is a work of fiction.

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Chapter 1

THE RAIN CAME DOWN in torrents. Thunder rumbled, artillery-like booming echoing up and down the coastal mountains, reverberating through the hills like aftershocks, shaking the vehicle around me. I inhaled the humid ocean air, tinged with the faint cinnamon fragrance of the old air freshener that hung from the Suburban’s rear-view mirror, and my breath came out in a gush of steam. My skin tingled, not just from the chill. I used the sleeve of my jacket to wipe the fog from the passenger window, and gazed across the dark parking lot in silence. Lightning flashed, glinting in the windows of the creepy old warehouse thirty yards ahead. The single halogen bulb at the front of the building hissed and steamed inside a glowing halo. Read more from download button……..

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Publisher: Timber Hill Press
Publication Date: February 9,2015
Language: English

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