Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone By J.K.Rowling

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is a fantasy novel written by British author By J.K.Rowling.

The first novel in the Harry Potter series and Rowling’s debut novel,
it follows Harry Potter, a young wizard who discovers his magical heritage on his eleventh birthday,
when he receives a letter of acceptance to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Harry makes close friends and a few enemies during his first year at the school,
and with the help of his friends, Harry faces an attempted comeback by the dark wizard Lord Voldemort,
who killed Harry’s parents, but failed to kill Harry when he was just 15 months old.

Details of the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone By J.K.Rowling Free EPUB book:

Author:                                 J. K. Rowling

Illustrator:                           Thomas Taylor (UK Edition), Jonny Duddle (2014 UK Edition), Mary GrandPré (US Edition), Kazu Kibuishi (2013 US Edition), Jim Kay (Illustrated edition)

Country:                              United Kingdom

Language:                           English

Series:                                  Harry Potter

Release number:              1st in series

Genre:                                  Fantasy

Publisher:                            Bloomsbury (UK) (Canada 2010–present) Arthur A. Levine/, Scholastic (US), Raincoat (Canada 1998–2010)

Publication date:              26 June 1997 (UK)[1] 1 September 1998 (US)

Pages:                                   223 (UK Edition), 332 (2014 UK Edition), 309 (US Edition), 336 (2013 US Edition), 256 (Illustrated Edition)

ISBN:                                     0-7475-3269-9

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